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What is Mountaineer? 

Mountaineer is an on-demand, app-based microtransit service available to residents and guests of Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows that began in December 2018. The service is offered seasonally in the winter and is available at no cost to passengers.

When does Mountaineer operate? 

Mountaineer operates in the winter months, typically from mid-December to mid-April. Mountaineer's operating schedule is announced by early October.  During Mountaineer's offseason, no services of any kind are available.

How do I use Mountaineer? 

Download the free Mountaineer app and use it to request a ride from any Olympic Valley or Alpine Meadows location when Mountaineer is operating. After a short wait indicated in the app, a dog-friendly, 10-person, 4WD sprinter-type van equipped with ski & snowboard racks will pick you up. Please have your party ready at curbside.  View Dog Policy.


How much does Mountaineer cost? 

Mountaineer is free to passengers. Mountaineer driver tipping is completely optional and can be paid through the app or with cash. 


Where will Mountaineer take me? 

Mountaineer will transport you from wherever you are in Olympic Valley to wherever you want to go within Olympic Valley and Mountaineer will transport you from wherever you are in Alpine Meadows to wherever you want to go within Alpine Meadows. Mountaineer will also transport you between Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows daily, 5pm - 11pm.

What wait times should I expect (from the time I request a ride to the time the van arrives at my pickup location)? 

You can typically expect to be picked up in less than 15 minutes. However, 30 minute or longer wait times are possible from 8am - 10am and 3-pm - 6pm, especially on weekends, during holiday periods, and on powder days.


Can I track in the app when my ride will arrive at my pickup location?

Yes, after requesting a ride, you will be able to track in the app your wait time and see your driver once they are on the way to your pickup location. Please have your party ready at curbside when your driver is scheduled to arrive at your pickup location.

What if I want to be transported between Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows?

The Palisades Tahoe Base to Base Gondola transports you between the two base areas 9am to 4pm, when both are open for winter operations, wind/weather permitting. Mountaineer will also transport you between Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows daily, 5pm - 11pm.


What if I want to get to other North Lake Tahoe/Truckee locations without a car?

Use Tahoe Area Regional Transportation (TART) for free bus service to Truckee and North Lake Tahoe destinations and use Mountaineer to get a ride to TART bus stops in Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows. Download the TART Connect App for free, on-demand service from Olympic Valley to Tahoe City and River Ranch to Tahoe City. Once in Tahoe City use the TART Connect app for on-demand service or the TART bus to get to additional North Lake Tahoe and Truckee locations. Click for operating schedule.


Will Mountaineer go directly to my destination or will it stop to pick up other people? 

Passengers should expect to ride share with others. More passengers per Mountaineer van means fewer cars on the road, reduced traffic congestion and increased environmental benefits.


What are Mountaineer's Health & Safety Protocols?
Click for details.
How many Mountaineer vehicles will be in service? 

Twelve vehicles will be in service during the operating season, each with seating for 9 passengers. One vehicle is ADA friendly, and all vehicles are dog-friendly. 


Can I bring my skis or snowboard on Mountaineer? 

Yes. Mountaineer vehicles are equipped with ski & snowboard racks. 


Is the Mountaineer ADA vehicle specific to Olympic Valley? 

No. The ADA vehicle can be requested from Olympic Valley or Alpine Meadows.  

Does Mountaineer help the environment?

Yes. Because more than 57% of Mountaineer rides are shared, it removes cars from the road and reduces vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Check out our environmental stats.

How can I apply to become a Mountaineer driver?

Click to apply.


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