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What We Do
Mountaineer provides free, on-demand,
 door-to-door transportation to guests and residents of Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows during the winter months making it easy to get around the resort community without a car. Implemented to alleviate traffic congestion, the service has reduced vehicle miles traveled by an average of 4,282 miles and removed 2,615 cars from the road each month it operates. 

To provide transit within Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows to assessed businesses' guests, employees, owners, and visitors to improve resort traffic congestion, guests’ experience, and safety.

Continue to be the leader and innovator of free, on-demand microtransit in and around Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows resulting in reduced personal vehicle use, and remaining open to future integration with regional transportation systems where there are measurable benefits to assessed businesses and their guests.



Mountaineer Transit Company (MTC), the nonprofit formed as a collaborative effort of Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows’ homeowner associations, lodging properties, and the ski resort, has been offering its complimentary Mountaineer on-demand shuttle service provided within Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows since December 2018.
MTC’s goal is to reduce in-valley trips within Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows by providing convenient, shuttle service at no cost to the rider. The intention is to eventually integrate into the Tahoe Area Regional Transit system (TART and TART Connect) to make it easy for those interested in traveling outside of the resort community to areas such as Truckee, Tahoe City, and other North Lake Tahoe destinations without the need for a personal vehicle. 
MTC funds Mountaineer, the microtransit system through a Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) with a combination of a one-and-a-half percent assessment on lift tickets sold on-site by Palisades Tahoe, one-and-a-half percent assessment on Palisades Tahoe frequency products, and a one-and-a-half percent assessment on transient lodging and vacation rentals within Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows. The District is governed by the Olympic Valley Alpine Meadows Microtransit District Management District Plan (OVAM MD MDP) MTC operates on these assessment funds alone. The District was originally put in place for an initial five year period. In February 2023, the District was renewed for an additional five years through January 31, 2028. 
MTC is run by a 9-person volunteer Board of Directors comprised of local stakeholders and a part-time executive director responsible for ongoing District oversight and Mountaineer service administration and operations.
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