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Achievements To Date

49,495 Cars off the Road

Since its inception in December 2018, Mountaineer has taken 49,495 cars off the road.  This was accomplished in 506 operating days / 16.6 operating months. 
That's 2,982 cars off the road per month during our operating season.

83,556 VMT Reduction

Since December 2018,

Mountaineer has reduced vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by 83,556 miles.

That's 5,033 miles per month during our operating season.

294,695 Passengers

Since December 2018, Mountaineer transported nearly 300,000 passengers in 506 operating days. Mountaineer serves 528 average daily passengers.

143,783 Rides

Since December 2018, Mountaineer has provided 143,783 rides in 506 operating days. 57% of Mountaineer rides are shared by more than one passenger. 

15 Minute Avg. Wait Time

Mountaineer has an average ride request wait time of 15 minutes.

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